Family Foto Final-smallHello, my name is Dr. Noah Edvalson, and I am the founder and owner of The Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine (the ICIM) in Boise, ID.  I am dedicated to compassionate and competent care for all my patients.   I have always loved to learn about health and disease.  Even as a boy, I would thumb through the pages of an old pathology book we had in our home.  After repeatedly witnessing the shortcomings and financial conflicts of traditional medicine, I have made it my passion to help offer a new hope to those suffering unnecessarily with chronic diseases.   Surely there must be a better way than focusing on the superficial symptoms of disease and matching it to the latest drug of choice.  My continual search to overcome these obstacles has led me on a wonderful journey through training in chiropractic, naturopathy, functional medicine, acupuncture, oxidative therapies, German Biological Medicine, and much more...  In fact, I attend a webinar, seminar, or workshop nearly every month!  You will be hard pressed to find another practitioner in Idaho with as much training in natural and alternative therapies. Each time I encounter a chronic patient that I have difficulty helping, it motivates me to grow more, learn something new, and remain humble.  It is during these trials that I find myself expanding to new levels of understanding.

I believe the body can do amazing things to help you overcome most conditions when obstacles to optimal health are removed.  Most chronic diseases come from a handful of obstacles - infections, toxins, allergies, hormones, diet, emotional trauma, and genetics.  The problem is that most traditional doctors use very limited testing to detect these issues.  Even when identified, the answer is usually a drug with accompanying side effects.  Has your doctor ever checked your heavy metals, delayed food sensitivities, or genetic weaknesses?   Have they ever talked to you competently about your diet or stress management?   I use my wide breadth of knowledge to help many people with chronic and difficult conditions find answers by thinking outside the box and listening carefully to my patients' stories.  Doctors can learn so much just by listening.  We believe that if we ask the right questions, we can discover a much more accurate diagnosis, which helps us uncover the reason for your suffering.  Once we identify the cause of your symptoms, we can target it with specific therapies.  Our wide array of therapies in our toolkit at The I.C.I.M. allows us to effectively treat a variety of chronic health complaints.  We don't promise to fix you overnight, but we do promise to never give up on you, and to provide hope and guidance in an intimidating landscape.  I would be honored to help you on your journey back to health. 

When away from the clinic, I enjoy being with family and friends.  We love to go explore Idaho trails by foot or motorcycle, camp in the beautiful Idaho wilderness, or visit the city parks.  I am the proud "Papa" of two princesses and one prince, and am fortunate to be married to the loveliest Queen in the land.  I also love traveling.  I have enjoyed Eastern Europe, West Africa, Latin America, Canada, and Alaska (it counts too). 

Please see my accomplishments and educational pursuits below:



Distinguished Service Award – American Chiropractic Association Sports Council

Award for Special Achievement - American Academy of Ozone Therapy (AAO)

Valedictorian (Summa Cum Laude) – Western States Chiropractic College

Outstanding Graduate Award– Western States Chiropractic College 

Clinical Excellence Award – Western States Chiropractic College

Marketing Coach of the Year – Prosper Inc. 

Pete & Arline Harman Scholarship – Brigham Young University    



Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD)

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP)

Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture (FIAMA)

Fellow of the American Association of Ozone Therapists (FAAO)

Advanced Prolozone Therapist (APT) via the American Academy of Ozone Therapy

Graston Technique Certified



CPR and 1st Aid Certified

Kinesio Taping

Orthotic fitting



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When Chiropractors Become Consumers,”   The Axis - Portland, OR