Insomnia Sleep disorderThere are many reasons why insomnia plagues people. It could be that you are extremely stressed, stimulating your brain too close to bed time, and/or due to caffeine consumption in the afternoon. Stress and depression are the biggest culprits to suffering from insomnia. The lack of sleep can be very dangerous and also lead to an increase of existing symptoms, as well as, other chronic conditions and decreased immune system. 

The staff in our clinic is trained to help people balance their body's allowing for the best balance and functionality. Insomnia can be treated and can be a thing of your past! In preparing for your visit to our clinic for this condition it is important that you try to keep a journal of foods you eat and activities you do throughout the day. Write down ways you try going to sleep, the amount (hours) of television time, computer use, and physical activity throughout the day. These activities will be most helpful when compiling a plan to provide you with the ultimate goal of laying your head on that soft pillow and giving yourself the best sleep!

What is Insomnia?

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