Disc herniation sciaticaHerniated discs can happen suddenly and without warning. A simple twist, or even picking up a pencil dropped on the floor, can be all it takes for the soft disc between two vertebrae to break open and leak fluid into the surrounding spinal area. This often times creates serious pain, numbness, tingling, and even slight paralysis and/or decreased function in the legs or feet.  However, while the onset may be sudden, the breakdown of the disc is usually a gradual process that results from trauma, poor posture, and repetitive strain.  

Healing of this condition takes the appropriate professional attention, but MOST cases do not require surgery. Healing times vary depending on the body's defenses and healing strength. The Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine provides several revolutionary treatments to aid in the resolution of both lumbar (low back) and cervical (neck) disc herniations.  Before you run off and get an irreversible surgery, please consider all of the safe and effective options available to you.





What is a Disc Herniation?

Disc herniations have many different names - slipped disc, blown disc, disc protrusion, and more.  They are distinctly different from a "bulged disc" in that the nucleus gel in a disc herniation has escaped out of the fibrous outer layers.  Once this gel starts to come out, it can easily come in contact with a nerve and cause severe pain down the arm or leg.  

ICIM Success Stories treating Disc Herniation

"When I came to see Dr. Noah, I could not sleep in my own bed. I had already tried another chiropractor, but Dr. Noah did acupuncture and prolozone therapy, as well as gave me many home exercises. I can now travel with my family and pick up my baby again.” M. R. , Meridian

Medical Research about Disc Herniation

Patients that see a Surgeon BEFORE visiting a Chiropractor, are 28 times more likely to get surgery!

Additioanl information about Disc Herniation at the ICIM

Don't suffer any longer.  Let our team at the Idaho Center for Integrative Medicine help you get relief from Disc Herniations.  Many of our treatments are covered by insurance, and we have a lot of experience treating disc injuries.  Call us at 208-629-5374 to schedule your first visit.