Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches (1)


Migraine headaches can be some of the most debilitating conditions. Often times, patients suffering from persistent migraines or even cluster headaches find significant relief with magnesium. The Meyers’ Cocktail is rich in nutrients like magnesium and is given through an IV to prevent those valuable nutrients from being lost during digestion. Most patients notice a great improvement during the therapy.

A 44-year-old female suffered from frequent migraines, which appeared to be triggered in many instances by exposure to environmental chemicals or, occasionally, to ingestion of foods to which she was allergic. Allergy desensitization therapy had provided little benefit. Over a six-year period, the patient was given IV therapy on approximately 70 occasions for migraines. Nearly all of these injections resulted in considerable improvement or complete relief within several minutes, although a few treatments were ineffective. Through trial and error, it was determined her most effective regimen was 16 mL vitamin C, 5 mL magnesium, 4 mL calcium, 2 mL B6, and 1 mL each of B12, B5, and B complex. The 4-mL dose of calcium was found to provide better relief than lower calcium doses. Over the years, a half dozen other patients have presented one or more times with an acute migraine. In almost every instance, the Myers’ produced a gratifying response within a few minutes.”

Alternative Medicine Review Volume 7, Number 5 2002